What is dogs’ special skill?Dogs are really clever animals. There are many kinds of dogs in the world. They have good skills. They can smell. They can smell food or something from really far away. Dogs’ hearing is also good. Some sound that humans can not hear, dogs can hear. They have good senses. Some people use dogs for hunting, protector, and friend. If people trade them really well, dogs will follow the owner well. Do you think dogs are the most smart animal in the world?




  1. I do think that dogs are smart animals, though I do not think they are the smartest animals.

  2. No, i guess the dog is not the smartest animal in the world. Sure, the dog is really healthy for police and a very good friend of the human. But some kinds of dog are very aggressive. But through tests we know the many other animals are smarter then the dog. i guess the dog is a animal that is very good in smelling.

  3. these are some amazing pictures. did you take them yourself??

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